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Zombie labs

Zombie Labs - Infected

Zombie Labs - Infected

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Carry on like a zombie and never give up, no matter how difficult the task at hand may be. Infected by Zombie Labs gives you all the nutrition you need to go FULL ZOMBIE in every session or just get through the day. Because of the increased blood flow, your skin will stretch and rip to the point where you look like a zombie. 

Pure citrulline in clinical doses will improve your blood flow, which will give you zombie-like benefits of the highest order. But that's not all! If you need a boost that will take you beyond the realm of the undead, then you need Infected, which is packed with a potent and well-balanced combination of nutrients. This pre-workout from Zombie Labs will help you eat your way through an army of brains. It has stimulants strong enough to bring the dead back to life, pumps that will split your skin, and a focus like a laser. 

Zombie Labs Infected is a high-octane pre-workout supplement that is made to help you reach your full potential in the gym. It is infected by an unstoppable force of unrivaled energy and intense focus. Every serving of this has a synergistic mix of nutrients that have been shown to work well together to fuel your hardest workout yet. Infected is a very versatile, all-around pre-workout that will work for the vast majority of people thanks to its potent mix of high energy, hyperfocus, and incredible pump ingredients.

  • Stimulant blend with 325mg of caffeine per serving
  • Includes four potent formulas for boosting stamina and focus.
  • Pumps and performance may benefit from this Extraordinary vitality that will have you annihilating the opposition in no time.
  • Energy-Packed Substance that Acts Rapidly
  • Improves One's Ability to Concentrate and Think Clearly
  • Strengthens Muscle Contractions
  • improves strength training results
  • Pumps so powerful that only genuine Zombies could perform them.
  • Focus and strength beyond that of a human

The Infected supplement from Zombie Labs will make you feel like a superhuman in no time. It combines a number of powerful nutrients, such as amentoflavone, which has been shown to help muscle fiber recruitment. Infected by Zombie Labs is a mid-strength pre-workout and nootropic mix made to help with energy, pumps, performance, and focus in the gym. With its pure and long-lasting energy, Infected is great for both sexes.

Some of the tasty flavors you can get in Infected are Raspberry Ripper, Vicious Vanilla Cola, and Orange Mango Madness.

Zombie Labs Infected Benefits:

Completely simulate a zombie during your training. Engage in your training like a walking zombie. You shouldn't quit when faced with obstacles, like zombies. Maintain your progress and carry on like a zombie. The elements in Zombie Infected not only make you stronger than humans, but they also give you a burst of energy and a zombie-like focus.

This compound can make your blood flow faster and give you skin-tearing pumps, so you can work out like a zombie and keep going after your gym goals. Focus and push yourself to the point where you always give your best and get stronger to the point where your previous bests are just a warmup.

Zombie Labs' Infected Pre-Workout is the perfect mix of energy-boosting nutrients. It has a skin-splitting Zombie Blend, an eye-popping Energy Blend, a Hyper-Focused Nootropic Blend, and an Enhance & Amplify Blend.

How to Consume:

Laboratory for the Study of Zombies Infected is a great daily supplement to take before a workout, and its 20/40 serving size makes it very flexible. The combination of nootropics in Infected helps you focus like a laser and gives you a quick burst of energy. Infected's unique pump blend will have you feeling like you're about to burst at the seams during your workouts, and it will help you achieve peak performance in every area of your training.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the average Infected pre-workout dosage?

The standard dose of Infected is 10 grams or one scoop (a scoop is provided). We suggest that new users begin with half a scoop before moving on to bigger doses. Some people who have used Infected before may like to take two scoops, but this is not the recommended amount. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

What is the caffeine content of Infected pre-workout?

Infected contains 162 mg of caffeine anhydrous in every 10 g scoop.

Is creatine present in Pre-Workout Infected?

Zombie Labs Infected by Zombie Labs DOES NOT CONTAIN creatine.

Who can use the Infected Pre-Workout?

Infected is appropriate for healthy men and women over the age of 15.

When should Zombie Labs Infected be taken?

Infected should be consumed about 20 minutes before exercise.

How should I take Infected pre-workout?

The infected powder should be combined with water, blended, and then consumed.