Should Women Lift Weights?

Should Women Lift Weights?

One of the most controversial topics of all is whether women should lift weights or not. Lifting weight has an uncountable number of benefits. It helps in leading a healthier, stronger, and better life. Here are a few most commonly known benefits that weight lifting has, which have been mentioned below: 

  1. Helps in fat loss:

Weight lifting helps in the build-up of lean muscle. So, more muscle means better and quicker metabolism. Weight training helps boost the metabolism, and in turn, burns more calories than usual, so there will be improved weight loss. 

  1. Save from the risk of many diseases:

Weight training is known to improve the health of our heart by lowering the bad cholesterol and inturn increasing the good cholesterol. All these things sum up to lower down the blood pressure and also improve cardiovascular health. Our body’s sugar is also processed well during this time, which can save us from the risk of diabetes.

  1. It’s a stress buster:

Weight lifting or exercising are known to release endorphins in the body, this ultimately acts as a stress buster and improves the mood. It can also help prevent depression. Women tend to feel more confident when they are regularly training.  

  1. Save us from injury:

Weight training along with strengthening our muscles, also increases bone density. This will further help in reducing the risk of fractures and injuries. The connective tissues tend to get stronger and the joint stability increases, which ultimately means lesser injury. The health of the spinal bone also tends to get better, thus making us stronger. 

  1. Improves core strength:

Having a stronger body can also help with other sports by improving power, speed, agility, and endurance. Weight training will help the body adapt to situations it will face during sport and also, throughout everyday life. Think about developing a training program that incorporates both aerobic exercise and strength training.

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