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EHP Labs is a global leader in the sports supplement industry. It was started in 2012 in the United States. They are committed to developing innovative products with components supported by rigorous scientific study. The main goal is to help each person reach his or her own health and fitness goals.

Oxyshred, their most popular fat burner, is known all over the world for its efficiency and, let's be honest, its great flavor. Included in the EHP Labs product line is the beloved plant-based protein, Blessed Vegan. EHP Labs supplements are now most widely available in Australia from Elite Supplements. By searching the EHP catalog, you can find the supplements you need to reach all of your goals.

EHP Labs' goal is to produce and develop cutting-edge sports nutrition products. This firm has only been around since 2011, when it was created in Salt Lake City, Utah, but it has quickly become one of the most recognized and respected names in the premium sports nutrition category worldwide.

Over the years, the New York-based company has made a wide range of products, like the innovative and tasty OxyShred nutritional supplement, the muscle-replenishing and growth-promoting OxyWhey, the performance-improving and hydration-improving Beyond BCAA amino acid blend, and many more.

Invest in OxyShred and other top-tier, research-backed supplements that will help you reach your fitness goals, whether that's fat loss, pre-workout energy, muscle gain, muscle recovery, better sleep, widening blood vessels, cleaning the body, etc. The fitness supplement products sold by EHPlabs have helped millions of people all over the world get in shape and lose weight. 

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We are happy to be an authorized distributor for EHP Labs, and we offer a wide range of the company's products at the lowest prices to customers worldwide. We carry a wide range of products, including the above-mentioned EHP Labs oxyshred, the world's first ultra-strong thermogenic fat burner; Buzz, an advanced pre-workout blend; CREA-8, a pure Creatine monohydrate compound; and many more.

We think that true empowerment comes from helping others. Everything we do is geared toward assisting our customers and community members in breaking through barriers and reaching their full potential. Our mission is to create the world's best supplements, backed by science and designed to improve people's lives.

Visit our online store today and look through our great selection of health supplements, including our full line of EHP Labs products, to find the right supplement for your diet and/or training needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a vegan product made by EHP Labs?

Yes! Blessed Vegan Protein by EHP Labs is created from golden pea protein and includes 23 g of protein per serve!

Is EHP Labs an Australian company?

No, EHP Labs is an American corporation that sells its products all over the world.

What other proteins do EHP Labs provide?

EHP Labs offers a wide variety of proteins, depending on your preferences. People who follow a plant-based diet or who don't want to eat dairy products like their Blessed Plant Protein. Oxywhey is a popular whey protein concentrate with some of the best flavors on the market. Isopept is one of the cleanest whey proteins on the market, and it's ideal if you want a fast-absorbing protein with no sugar and almost no carbs or fat.

Is EHP Labs available in stores?

EHP Labs products are available both online and in stores.