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ehp Labs

Ehp Labs - Oxyshred RTD

Ehp Labs - Oxyshred RTD

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EHP Labs OxyShred Ultra Energy RTD

OXYSHRED LOVERS REJOICE! Introducing OxyShred Ultra Energy EHP Labs’ new convenient and delicious ready to go carbonated beverage. It’s energy REIMAGINED! EHP Labs are breaking boundaries with their highly advanced powerful thermogenic shredder, OxyShred, but now coming to you in the convenience of an RTD can and serving you with a refreshing fizz, your favourite supplement has gotten the glow up it deserves! This one’s for absolutely anyone looking for that boost of energy or the pick-me-up during the day to keep them going, all without the nasty high levels of sugar and artificial sweeteners found in more commonly available energy drinks

Burn and Shred:

  • Synephrine helps to target the body’s burning receptors triggering an increase in body temperature to help activate metabolism.

Fat Cell Mobilisation:

  • L-Carnitine mobilises fat into the mitochondria to help produce long-lasting natural energy.

Mood Enhancement:

  • Similar to regular Oxyshred Ultra Thermogenic, Taurine and Tyrosine (which both cross the blood brain barrier) have been added to switch on cognitive function, boost overall mood and enhance focus.

Balance and Immunity:

  • Including the same ingredients as OxyShred Ultra Thermogenic to promote immunity and wellness (vitamin C, B vitamins), as well as Chromium Picolinate & Inositol to help balance blood sugar levels and assist with cravings. EGCG from Green Tea Extract is high in antioxidants which are great for your immune system.

Use OxyShred Ultra Energy to give yourself the energy to tackle your workout or to tackle your day, with a combination of Caffeine Anhydrous, Guarana and Green Tea you’ll feel like you’ve had a higher hit of energy without having to consume the extra caffeine, along with a host of active ingredients to keep you supported and uplifted, OxyShred Ultra Energy makes the perfect companion no matter your goal or activity!

  • World Number 1 fat burner, now in convenient and delicious lightly sparkling drink.
  • Energy support in the form of caffeine, guarana and green tea.
  • Metabolism support via Carnitine.
  • Added vitamin and mineral complex.
  • Blood sugar support and mood enhancement.
  • Low calorie and no sugar.