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People usually assume that gaining weight is a very easy task compared to losing weight. But who’s gonna tell them what a tedious task it is? All you gotta do is eat, eat and eat! The only secret behind gaining weight is to eat more calories than you burn. For this very reason, mass gainers are the best option to go with if you want to consume a good amount of healthy calories. Be cautious enough regarding the quality of the calories that you are consuming. Feasting on fried and sugary food items is not the right way, it will only lead to dirty bulk i.e, storage of bad fats in the body. Mass gainers also help us increase our insulin levels which promotes good fat storage. They do not leave you bloated like a bulky meal can do. It can even be consumed as a pre-workout, as it will help you train more efficiently. And if you use it as a post-workout meal, then it will help in muscle recovery. The major components of mass gainers are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Some productions also include added micronutrients in them.


Mass gainers are not really known to cause any sort of side effects. However, the quantity in which it is being consumed should be checked properly. Do consult a nutritionist or doctor before consuming any kind of mass gainers. Excess consumption of mass gainers can lead to kidney issues and digestive problems like bloating, poor bowel movements, etc. The ingredients should also be checked beforehand, especially for those people who suffer from food intolerances or dairy allergies, as lactose is a very common ingredient present in them. Hence, ultimately after taking proper guidance, you can search online for the best product available in the market which rightly suits your needs and wants.


Do mass gainers gain weights?

Yes, mass gainers can make you gain weight if you do not combine them with regular exercises. They have extra calories present in them, so they can pile up if not used and ultimately lead to fat deposition in the body.

Are mass gainers steroids?

Mass gainers and steroids are totally different. They aren’t any magical powder that will suddenly give you bulky muscles in just a few days as steroids do. The components of mass gainers include protein, carbs, and fats, unlike steroids which have man-made chemical substances.

When should I drink mass gainer?

Mass gainers can be used either as a pre-workout or a post-workout meal. Their sole purpose is to provide your body with extra calories and promote muscle growth. If you use it before the workout session, the calories will act as fuel and give you extra energy. And when used later, it will help you with the process of recovery of muscles.

Do mass gainers build muscles or fat?

Mass gainers have dual functions. They not only provide you with extra calories but also promote muscle growth. Hence, it is the best option for bulky growth.

Which one is better- whey protein or mass gainers?

Mass gainers and whey proteins have different functions. If you are looking for a product that will provide you extra calories along with protein, then go for mass gainers. But, if your ultimate plan is to promote only lean muscle growth and not fat then, whey protein is the best option for you.