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As the name itself suggests, RTD pre-workouts are ready-to-drink low-calorie beverages that give you an extra kick of energy before getting started with your workout session. They were actually invented to provide you with the same results as other pre-workout powders do, without the hassle of mixing them with water. The common ingredients present are beta-alanine, betaine, L-citrulline malate, and caffeine. They promote the vasodilation of blood vessels thus facilitating good blood flow along with wholesome amounts of nutrients and oxygen. This boosts you up with a gush of energy flow in the body. 


Rtd pre-workouts aren’t really known to have such adverse health effects. But they do contain caffeine in high quantities to give efficacious results. Due to this very reason, they should be consumed in less quantity. High doses of RTD pre-workouts can cause damage to the cardiovascular system otherwise. People suffering from heart issues should also watch out before taking it as it increases the blood flow in the body. Another component present in these is dicaffeine malate which is known to promote rapid heart rate and increase blood pressure thus causing jitters. Hence, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor before consuming any supplement. You can discuss the quantity in which it should be taken and the other necessary details. After that, you can compare different products online and select the one which suits your body the best.


How long do RTD pre-workouts last?

A very common ingredient present in RTD pre-workouts is beta-alanine. It is known to work significantly in the body at the very moment we consume it, thus resulting in improved exercise capacity by the production of ATP molecules in the muscles.

How much alcohol is in RTD pre-workouts?

The quantity of alcohol in RTD pre-workout is nil. The common ingredients present are beta-alanine, betaine, L-citrulline malate, and caffeine.

Is caffeine a RTD pre-workout drink?

An RTD pre-workout drink is something that you can consume right away without any hassle of combining it with water or any sort of liquid. Caffeine is one of the components present in them. It alone cannot be called an RTD pre-workout drink. 

How do you use RTD pre-workouts?

Rtd pre-workouts are ready-to-drink products. There's no need to combine it with water or any other liquid. It is very convenient to use them.