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Zombie labs

Zombie Labs - Cross Eyed

Zombie Labs - Cross Eyed

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Bring yourself back to life with the help of Zombie Labs Cross-Eyed. This is the strongest pre-workout supplement produced by Zombie Labs, and it's coming to cause mayhem in the gym. It's a pre-workout supplement aimed for males and females who are looking for a more intense workout thanks to increased energy, focus, power, and performance. It's a powerful pre-workout packed with vitamins, energy, pump, and nootropic compounds.

A single serving of Cross-Eyed Pre-Workout can supercharge your workout. Cross-Eyed Pre-Workout contains only the highest-quality substances, dosed at clinically-effective levels. Use Zombie Labs Pre-Workout to give your workouts a much-needed boost. To get the most out of your training, try Cross Eyed, a brand-new, powerful stim pre-workout that delivers noticeable benefits from the first serving. If you want to maximise your training's benefits and leave nothing on the table, you need this formula.

With the help of an inhuman mixture that can cause eye-crossing and skin-stretching pumps, you can go full zombie while training and hunting your goals with unrelenting intensity. Hyperfocus and superhuman strength are just the beginning of what Zombie Labs Cross-Eyes Pre-Workout can do for you. These precise blends of energy-boosting ingredients are contained in the formula's "Skin-Splitting Zombie Blend," "Eye-Popping Energy Blend," "Hyper-Focus Nootropic Blend," and "Enhance & Amplify Blend" to revitalise your results and propel them to the next level.

Rise from the dead!

  • Carry yourself out like a zombie
  • Delivers muscle-tearing pumps
  • Gives you crazy stamina and concentration

Cross-Eyed Pre-Workout comes in an assortment of the most tantalising flavours. At Cross-Eyed, you can get your hands on some crazed cotton candy, possessed pineapple mango, or raging rainbow lollipops.

Cross-Eyed Pre-Workout Benefits

Perform Like a Zombie - Zombies never quit, no matter what obstacles they face. Cross-Eyed will give you the nutritional boost you need to become FULL ZOMBIE throughout your exercises or game.

Zombie Pumps - When the PUMP takes over, you will notice that your skin expands. This increased blood flow will help zombies advance to the next level.

Intense Energy - Cross-Eyed delivers intense energy by combining high levels of caffeine and English walnuts.

Hyper Attention - The brain boosting blend of Cross-nootropic Eyed helps you laser focus single-mindedly on your training or game.

Superhuman Strength - Zombie strength is incredible. Cross-Eyed provides a combination of nutrients (including Amentoflavone) that are known to promote muscle fibre recruitment and strength.

How to Use Cross Eyed Pre-Workout

Before working out, combine 10 grammes (one scoop) of caffeine-containing powder with 250 millilitres of cool water. To get full zombie status, combine 20 grammes (400 milligrammes of caffeine) with 500 millilitres of cold water. Before using this product, think about how much caffeine you can handle.A typical cup of coffee, for instance, has about 100 milligrammes of caffeine in it. Those who aren't sure how much caffeine they can handle should take a small amount (about a quarter of a scoop, or 50mg) before lunch. A skin-splitting zombie combination, eye-popping energy, hyper-focus nootropic, and boost and amplify vitamin blend are all part of the complicated composition.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the difference between Cross-Eyed and Infected from Zombie Labs?

Cross Eyed is the most potent pre-workout offered by Zombie Labs and is classified as an extreme stimulant pre-workout. Infected is significantly lesser in terms of stimulant potency, yet it is still classified as a strong stimulant pre-workout.

How is Cross Eyed pre-workout taken?

Mixing Cross Eyed powder with water and consuming it immediately.

When should I take Cross Eyed by Zombie Labs?

Cross Eyed should be consumed 20 minutes prior to exercise.

Who is Cross Eyed pre-workout made for?

Cross Eyed pre exercise is appropriate for healthy adult men and women. It is not appropriate for individuals under 15 years of age. Always refer to the label directions before to consumption.

What Cross Eyed dosage should I take?

Beginners should start with a half scoop and gradually work their way up to a full scoop. An experienced user may take up to two scoops of this pre-workout supplement. Always adhere to the manufacturer's instructions.