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Athletic Sport

Athletic Sport - ADRENAL CORT

Athletic Sport - ADRENAL CORT

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It is a fact that the daily stresses of life are too much for our body to cope with. 

This is why the ‘Athletic Sport - ADRENAL CORT’ was born. This product is here to help you get through a long day.

The ‘Athletic Sport - ADRENAL CORT’ has been designed to assist you with:

  • Helps you live an active lifestyle
  • Helps you stand by the demands of physical exercise
  • Helps you relax and get better rest
  • Aids as a coping mechanism for external stress levels.

This product has been carefully crafted with the help of natural herbs and other ingredients including: Ashwagand, Rhodiola, lemon balm, theanine, and more.

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