Best Exercises to Train Your Triceps Like BIG RAMY!

Best Exercises to Train Your Triceps Like BIG RAMY!

It takes more than simply choosing efficient exercises to design the greatest tricep workout! To avoid any unintended injuries, you must make sure you use the proper techniques and design your workout appropriately.

To help you get the most out of your triceps workouts and minimise the chance of injury, here are a few pointers:

You should develop a training schedule that best suits your needs by: Make careful to correctly separate your sessions to avoid overworking your triceps and risking overuse injury. Even while the triceps are a relatively tiny muscle group that may heal fast, they can still be overworked if you don't use a smart training split.

Start with a multi-joint movement: While isolation exercises are excellent for focusing on a single muscle in an effort to develop it, you shouldn't disregard multi-joint movements, also known as compound exercises, which enlist the help of many muscle groups, including the triceps. You can become stronger by performing triceps-related compound exercises, but you can also become more adept and effective at all kinds of activities!

Focus on maintaining good exercise form: Any strength training activity requires good form, yet for some reason, many lifters and gym users have trouble with their technique during particular triceps workouts. Rushing through the exercise, skipping the entire range of motion, and flaring elbows are frequent form errors that people do, which limit the exercise's efficacy and yield little effects.

Best triceps exercises for stronger arms like BIG RAMY:

Bent-over dumbbell triceps kickbacks

Kickbacks on the triceps are a requirement! Kickbacks target all three heads of the triceps and are quite effective in activating them when done properly. The drawback of this workout is that it is simple to miscalculate and cheat, particularly when using dumbbells. People frequently let their elbows droop, which forces other muscles to step up. Start with a lesser weight and gradually go to higher weights without sacrificing form to prevent this.

Cable overhead triceps extension w/ rope

The long head of the triceps, which is attached to the shoulder and elbow, is best worked with overhead extensions. To help you get the most out of your activity, they assist in working the muscles throughout their whole range of contraction. The cable pulley system utilised in the cable overhead triceps extension provides a constant tension, in contrast to the intermittent stress provided by dumbbells.

Cable triceps pushdowns w/rope 

During pushdowns, you work the part of your triceps that is on the outside of your arm and is the most noticeable. The beautiful thing about this pushdown exercise using a cable, though, is that it also makes the long head fully contract.

Close grip bench press

You should give this complex workout top priority on your pull days! The bench press is usually thought of as a chest exercise, but if you change your grip slightly and use a heavy weight, you may work your triceps more (while still working your pecs). A tight grip, which involves keeping your hands about 8 to 10 inches apart, works your chest muscles as well as the back of your arms. If you want to strengthen your triceps, you should do a barbell press off of a power rack's pins.


This exercise, which is also called "lying triceps extensions," works both the long head and the lateral head of the triceps, just like other extensions do. You can do this exercise with dumbbells, a cable machine, or an EZ-Bar, but we'll focus on the EZ-Bar because it helps recruit more muscles.

Triceps dips

A difficult bodyweight exercise that focuses on the triceps and chest is the triceps dip. But if you tilt your body slightly, you'll be able to work your triceps more effectively. Now, you may perform this activity on a bench or, for more experienced users, an assisted pull-up machine. We'll provide instructions on how to perform triceps bench dips in order to keep them accessible at home.

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