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VPX - Bang Energy Drink RTD

VPX - Bang Energy Drink RTD

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EU VERSION: L-Arginine, B vitamins, BCAAs, and 160mg of Caffeine per serve!

Ready to up the ante on your performance with an energy drink like no other? Look no further than VPX Sports Nutrition’s zero calorie, zero carb and zero sugar energy-enhancing drink - Bang Energy!


  • Helps to delay fatigue
  • Helps to enhance endurance
  • Promotes cognitive function & motivation
  • Promotes sustainable energy


VPX Bang Energy is designed to offer the perfect solution for those wanting a delicious, zero calorie, zero carbohydrates and zero sugar refuelling formula. Boasting convenience, performance and an unrivalled selection of flavours, Bang Energy is jam-packed with potent ingredients to help enhance energy, delay fatigue, boost endurance and promote cognitive function.

Enjoy optimal convenience in a can thanks to VPX’s on-the-go energy drink. Jam-packed with energy, performance and endurance-enhancing ingredients, Bang Energy contains caffeine to boost focus, performance and reaction times and BCAAs to stimulate protein synthesis and to minimise muscle protein breakdown, which in turn helps to delay fatigue and subsequently enhance your body’s ability to train harder and for longer. Creatine has been added to the mix due to the role it plays in ATP production and increasing energy levels. Likewise, CoQ10 is a compound that helps generate energy in your cells, which is said to enhance athletic performance. Finally, electrolytes will help to maintain optimal hydration and to replenish the electrolytes sweated out during an intense workout.


If you’re looking for a hard-hitting performance and energy enhancing formula designed to take your training to the next level, Bang Energy is the name you can count on. Containing Caffeine, BCAAs, Creatine, CoQ10 and Electrolytes, Bang Energy provides enhanced energy, focus, performance and hydration to assist your goals.