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Vantage Strength

Vantage Strength - Neoprene Weight Belt

Vantage Strength - Neoprene Weight Belt

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The versatile Vantage Strength Neoprene Weight Belt is designed for working out in the gym, competition events and back support for use in the workplace or at home. Vantage Strength products can assist with a correct, safer and stronger lifting technique and provide good back and torso support for injury prevention and protection.

Key Features

* 125mm wide for maximum lumbar support

* Neoprene belt with velcro fastener

* Stainless Steel buckle with locking bar

* Provides strong stabilizing support

* Made from heavy duty nylon and neoprene

* Comfortable and lightweight alternative to heavy lifting belts

* Available sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large

Sizing Chart

Extra Small 28.5-32.5 Inch Waist
Small 30-34.5
Medium 34-38.5
Large 38-42