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Vantage Strength

Vantage Strength - Leather Weight Lifting Belt Black 4-inch

Vantage Strength - Leather Weight Lifting Belt Black 4-inch

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Vantage Leather Weight Lifting Belt 

Take your weight lifting session to the next level, with this heavy-duty belt by Vantage Strength! The Leather Weight Lifting Belt is for those who are wanting to take their training to the next level: Made from high-quality leather for ideal comfort, durability and aesthetics, the Leather Weight Lifting Belt by Vantage Strength reduces the chance of injury caused by exercises, such as squats, weight lifting, CrossFit, powerlifting and more. It has been specifically designed to maximise your training output and to maintain correct posture.

  • 100mm wide split leather.
  • Quick-release, heavy-duty steel buckle.
  • Padded lumbar for comfortable, strong stabilizing support.
  • Durable saddle stitching.
  • Plush suede interior.
  • Multiple leather and synthetic layers provide a rigid firm fit.

As high-quality supportive strength equipment, this belt sits tight around your waist and is easy to get on and off. Competitive powerlifters enjoy the tight fit and the quick release, heavy-duty steel buckle of the Vantage Strength Leather Weight Lifting Belt. It supports the spine by making it more stable under heavy loads. Buckle in and focus on your lift—with the Vantage Strength Leather Weight Lifting Belt!