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Rivalus Nutrition

Rivalus Nutrition - 1L Shaker Bottle

Rivalus Nutrition - 1L Shaker Bottle

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Rivalus Shaker

Rivalus 1L Shaker is ideal to mix protein and meal replacement powders: with the Shaker simply add the powder into water or milk, close lid and shake. The sieve makes sure that all the powder is dissolved. The Rivalus Shakers are great to use on the go, be it on the road or at the gym.

This Shaker Cup makes it easy for you to conveniently prepare delicious protein mixes and shakes. This attractive looking shaker cup has an Rivalus Shaker logo inscribed on it that makes it look simply superb.

This cup is designed to get a tight, snug, fit every time you put the lid on. The bottom part of the cup is narrower, to conveniently fit in car cup holders. Rivalus Shaker Cup is a perfect companion for home, travel, office, school, car, gym….anywhere!

Highlights Of Rule 1 Shaker Cup

•    Leak-free screw-on lids

•    Lightweight and portable

•    Quick and easy cleanup

•    Top rack dishwasher safe

•    Drink-easy spout

Simply add the ingredients of your favorite drink and shake!