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Muscletech - VaporMax

Muscletech - VaporMax

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Muscletech again coming out with an all new hard hitting pre workout - VaporMax!

  • Instant, hard hitting energy & focus
  • Available in 2 delicious flavours
  • Strong blood flow & vascularity
  • Volumising muscle pumps

Introducing VaporMax, the max strength, clinically dosed, single scoop pre-workout from MuscleTech. VaporMax is a powerful pre-workout stimulant designed with an extremely potent, clinically researched, cutting edge formula to amplify results at multiple levels, for a superior workout each and every time you use it. Whether it's extreme energy, enhanced muscular endurance or maximum strength, Vapormax will deliver maximum potency for maximum results.

Ingredient bases include:

  • Beta alanine - yes it's the tingles - very important for delaying the feeling of "the burn". It produces carnosine, which helps buffer the lactic acid build up in the muscle - allowing you to push harder and for longer
  • ATP - this is the naturally produced energy molecules used to enhance strength & performance during training times. Your body naturally produces this, but supplementing with it increases blood flow, vasodilation and anabolic signalling - all designed to increase your power & performance output
  • Citrulline - a naturally produced amino acid whose job is to increase vasodilation (in other words - give you better muscle pumps). Combined with ingredients such as ATP (as in this product), Citrulline helps to increase the flow of oxygen rich blood to fatiguing muscles, and speed up the removal of deoxygenated blood out of the muscle.
  • Caffeine - again, arguably the most widely research ingredient in the supplement industry. Caffeine stimulates mental and physical energy, and reduces perception of fatigue - coupled with the other ingredients, this is designed to help you work out at a higher rate for a longer period of time