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Maxines - Sip n Burn

Maxines - Sip n Burn

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Maxine’s Sip’N Burn – Fat Burning Amino Boost

Maxine’s Sip’N Burn is an energy boosting, fat burning, amino fuelling potion that can help you to maximise performance, speed up recovery and improve hydration. With a carefully formulated blend of amino acids, LipoPhase® fat burners and a handful of other key ingredients, Maxine’s Sip’N Burn will have you raring and ready to power through your workout or workday! Branched Chain Amino Acids (or BCAAs for short) are three key amino acids that our muscles use preferentially for energy production, muscle growth and tissue repair. Supplementing with a BCAA product, such as Maxine’s Sip’N Burn, can promote muscle rebuilding and repair and help you increase your lean muscle mass. LipoPhase® is a unique blend of fat burning agents, carb blockers, nootropics and green tea/coffee extract. In combination, these ingredients can help you feel more energised and focused whilst assisting your body to burn more energy. When used in conjunction with a nutritionally appropriate diet and exercise regime, Maxine’s Sip’N Burn may help you burn body fat and reach your fitness goals!

  • All in one fat burning and amino formulation.
  • Patented LipoPhase blend.
  • Clean energy ad focus.
  • Delicious flavours to choose from.

Maxine’s Sip’N Burn contains other key ingredients such as L-glutamine (gut health and muscle recovery), guarana (natural form of caffeine), vitamin C (antioxidant) and betaine anhydrous (increased blood flow and performance). Maxine’s Sip N’Burn is available in two delicious flavours: Frosty Fruit and Going Grape. For best results, mix 1 level scoop (10g) of Maxine’s Sip’N Burn into 300-400ml cold water and sip throughout workouts or during the day. Consume 1 serve during your daily workout and as an energizing drink when desired. This product contains caffeine and may negatively impact sleep if taken too close to bedtime.