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Maxines - Bottle Shaker 700Ml

Maxines - Bottle Shaker 700Ml

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The New Maxine’s Plastic Shaker Bottle is made from the Durable and Food Safe Tritan Plastic .

  • Tritan Plastic Not only look fantastic but they are highly Durable and Non Toxic .
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • BPA – Free Tritan is Engineered to be Better .
  • Better than Glass and Tritan doesn’t contain BPA , BPS or any other bisphenol found in every other shaker and water bottle on the market !!

So do yourself a huge favour and Buy a Tritan Shaker bottle from Suppkings including the Suppkings Branded Shaker Bottle which is made from the same quality Tritan Plastic as the Max’s and Maxine’s Shaker Bottles  .