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Faction Labs

Faction Labs - Cougar juice

Faction Labs - Cougar juice

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Get back to feeling like your best self, with Cougar Juice by Faction Labs. This multi-source collagen formula has essential co-factors that will facilitate your results. Including important antioxidants, immune support and gut-loving ingredients, you’ll love taking your Cougar Juice by Faction Labs on the daily. Feel like a new and improved version of you with this unique beauty product!

If you want healthy and beautiful skin, you must understand the role of collagen in the body. The main building block in your body, collagen directly affects your inner and outer beauty. As you age, collagen production begins to slow, with signs like lacklustre skin, fine lines and wrinkles starting to show. If you spend too much time in the sun, smoke or drink excessively, have a poor diet and too much stress in your life, these factors can all speed up the collagen decline. Protect your beauty today with the types I, II and III collagens found in Cougar Juice by Faction Labs. This multi-source collagen contains the benefits of marine, bovine and cartilage collagen.

Collagen isn’t the only factor that is important in your youthful glow. Having nourishing vitamins and minerals, plus pre and probiotics helps to ensure that your body is receiving what its needs to maintain its strength and vitality. With Cougar Juice by Faction Labs, you’ll have an innovative blend that helps you to look and feel your best every day. Order yours today to give your hair, skin and nails a beauty refresh from the inside out!

When you regularly take Cougar Juice by Faction Labs, you’ll:
  • Get the benefit of multi-source collagens: Types I, II and III
  • Have 14g of protein in each scoop
  • Get an antioxidant complex that supports your body
  • Immunity support so you can be at your best
  • Prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy gut
  • Support your inner beauty
  • Enjoy a low-cal beverage you can drink any time of the day
  • Find a variety of delicious flavours
Each serve of Cougar Juice by Faction Labs contains:
  • 251 kJ
  • 60 cal
  • 14g of Protein
  • 0g of Fat
  • 1g of Carbohydrate
  • 0g of Sugar
  • 500mg Dietary Fibre
  • 6mg Sodium

Cougar Juice Collagen Blend

  • 10g Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen
  • 2.5g Hydrolysed Marine Collagen
  • 500mg Hydrolysed Chicken Cartilage

Antioxidant Complex

  • 375mg Silica (from Horsetail Extract)
  • 200mcg Vitamin A
  • 75mg Vitamin C
  • 2500mcg Vitamin E
  • 1mg Copper
  • 15mcg Selenium
  • 15mcg Biotin

Prebiotic, Probiotic & Immune Support

  • 1500mg L-Glutamine
  • 500mg L-Glycine
  • 500mg Acacia Fibre
  • 250mg L-Proline
  • 5 Billion CFU Broad Spectrum Probiotic
  • 250mg Slippery Elm
  • 75mg L-Tryptophan