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Blue Dinosaur

Blue Dinosaur - Snack Bar

Blue Dinosaur - Snack Bar

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Your café favourite has been given an upgrade. The Blue Dinosaur Banana Bread Paleo Bars effortlessly capture the delicious taste of banana bread without the gluten, added sugar or artificial ingredients. They’re made from just five all-natural ingredients including real organic bananas and a dash of sweet and spicy cinnamon giving them a full-flavour taste without the guilt.

How to use: Stash one in your desk, pack one in your carry-on or have a Blue Dinosaur Banana Bread Paleo Bar after dinner to enjoy the sweet banana taste without the added sugar of regular snack bars.

About this brand: Blue Dinosaur isn’t just another snack bar company. Aussie-owned and loved across the world, the company was born out of the need for healthy, on-the-go snacks that didn’t compromise on quality, nutrition or convenience. Their tasty treats are loaded with ingredients your tastebuds want and body needs. Whether it’s a mid-workout snack, afternoon pick-me-up or toddler approved snack you’re looking for, you can count on Blue Dinosaurs bars and bites to deliver.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut, Dates, Organic Banana Powder (18%) (From 100% Organic Bananas), Organic Coconut Oil, Cinnamon