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Allmax Nutrition

Allmax - Taurine

Allmax - Taurine

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The new ‘Allmax Nutrition Taurine’ is a pure, flavorless, unsweetened white crystalline powder that is absolutely easy to blend. 

The powder - Taurine can also be considered an essential amino acid!

The Key Benefits of ‘Allmax - Taurine’ include:

  • It helps improve mental focus levels
  • It helps regulate mineral balance in your body
  • It helps volumize cell levels
  • It helps improve body compositions like no other

This powerhouse - Taurine also has the ability to regulate water and mineral salt levels in the blood. 

It exhibits the power to maintain and regulate the ion balance between the cells in your body. Taurine also has the ability to prevent muscle cramping keeping you at ease.

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