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13 Lives

13 lives - Nailed It

13 lives - Nailed It

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What does it mean to be a good man? It is hard to say because we live in a world with many unique cultures and ways to express what that really means. What we can all agree on is that it is important for a man to be balanced and in harmony with himself and his environment. We want a man to nail it in all aspects of his life and improve his world and himself.

Have you ever watched those action movies and seen the hero walk away with barely a scratch and there is always some crazy background music, usually to the tune of Eminem, ACDC or Metallica? It makes you feel good watching it; you want to be like that. Untouchable, fearless, and able to take the world on with a dedicated superstar rock band behind you whenever you do something amazing.

That world is known as our internal world, it’s always there no matter if you are a teenager or a life veteran. It’s important that we try be our own hero, and our internal world and our real world provides the same amount of satisfaction. It’s important we feel strong and wanted and awesome, without the explosions and rock bands being there, but with our partners, children and family.

#NailedIt contains a balance of vitamins, minerals and herbs which may boost your spirits and get you that NailedIt attitude, make your inner world your outer world!


Consume three capsules, preferably with food. Best taken first thing in the morning.